In fact, they’re put off by them

Your big point of differentiation is price. You’re claiming to be $50 per month cheaper. That’s an exaggeration, but let’s assume for the sake of argument it’s true. Let’s think about this. You’re trying to lure away Apple users by offering them lower prices. But as you must know, since so many of you used to work at Apple, our users aren’t attracted by low prices. In fact, they’re put off by them. They don’t want cheap. They want premium. They want to pay more than everyone else. It makes them feel special. To put this another way: They don’t care if the 2010 Camaro SS can outrun a Mercedes SL550 and costs $30,000 instead of $100,000. They want the Merc. Did you frigtards not learn anything during your time working for me?

Uno spettacolare Fake Steve Jobs tuona contro la campagna del Palm Pre che tuona contro l’iPhone.

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