United States of Eurasia

Così, giusto per dire.


I Muse stanno tornando.

Il nuovo album, The Resistance, è atteso per il 14 settembre 2009. E mentre il loro sito si fa un bel restyling, con un giochetto hanno reso disponibile uno dei singoli dell’album: United States of Eurasia, con un po’ influenze: sia letterarie (Orwell?) che musicali (Queen? Chopin?).


You and me are the same,
We don’t know or care who’s to blame,
But we know that whoever holds the reins,
Nothing will change, our cause has gone insane;
And these wars, they can’t be won,
And these wars, they can’t be won,
And do you want them to go on and on and on?
Why split these states, when there can be only one?!
And must we do as we’re told?!
Must we do as we’re told?!

-Instrumental Interlude-

You and me fall in line,
To be punished for unproven crimes,
And we know that there is no one we can trust,
Our ancient heroes, they are turning to dust!
And these wars; they can’t be won,
Does anyone know or care how they begun?
They just promise to go on and on and on
but soon we will see there can be only one…

Eura-sia! -sia! -sia!
Eura-sia! -sia! -sia!
Eura-sia! -sia! -sia!

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